[Santa Claus Network]
[Santa Claus Network]
Santa's Post Office

Here at the Santa's Post Office, Bernard Elf will send you a Secret Passcode to check your very own mailbox at the North Pole. Send an email to Santa himself, pick up his reply and keep your Christmas Wish List updated!

[Santa's Post Office]
[Elf Workshop]
Elf Workshop

Keep busy in the Elf Workshop. Wonderful DIY Christmas crafts, games, crossword and word search puzzles, mazes, coloring book and more!

Proof of Santa's Magical Visit!

Santa's Official Evidence Kits contain everything you need to "set the stage" on Christmas Morning, providing your child "proof positive" of Santa's visit to your home!

[Santa Proof Kits]
[Mrs. Claus' Kitchen]
Mrs. Claus' Kitchen

Holiday treats for the whole family! Now you can look right into Mrs. Claus' cookbook to see what she prepares for Santa and all the elves.

Naughty or Nice List

Are you Naughty or Nice? A simple check on Santa's List will let you know exactly where you stand. Check often because your standing can change. Top rated on Google!

[Santa's Story Room]
[Naughty or Nice List]
Santa's Favorite Christmas Stories

Free online classic Christmas short stories for kids and adults alike. Hand picked by Santa himself. Perfect for bedtime or just sitting around the tree.

Virtual Santa Visit

A magical LIVE visit with Santa zoomed directly into your living room and personalized to your children. Video copy included along with Santa card and Official Nice Certificate mailed to your home... directly from the North Pole!

[Virtual Santa]